How To Cope With Oliver Pope Production Designer

May 2021

Short comedy/drama about two spouses Hannah and Jessica who kidnap and torture their local MP in the hope of changing his ways after he opposed progressive bills in parliament

Why Wouldn't I Be? Production Designer

April 2021

Short Drama about teenager Jack who is struggling to admit he needs help with his mental health problems.

Journey Home Production Designer

April 2021

Short film about the struggles a couple are facing after a husband’s return from war.

How To Succeed In Biscuits Without Trying Production Designer Assistant

March 2021

Short comedy. Production Designer: Harry Chapman

Who Is Banksy? Production Designer

January 2021 - February 2021

Pilot episode for a comedy series following Banksy in his day to day life.

Custard Creams Production Designer

January 2021 - present

Short film about how two strangers meet when one of them comes over to deliver some unexpected devastating news.

Scrap Of Paper Production Designer

February 2021

Short film about the life of a man in the first 48 hours since his release from prison.

Fading Production Designer

December 2020 - present

Short drama about a daughter who is losing her mother to early signs of Alzheimers.

G.O.D.Tech Production Designer

January 2021 - present

Upcoming apocalyptic science fiction feature film of action, desire and betrayal.

Part Of Me Production Designer

November 2020

Short coming of age film about two sisters.

Knock Knock Production Designer

October 2020

Short horror about a woman who receives an unexpected knock at the door late at night.

Happy Families Production Designer

October 2020

Short horror entered in the 48 Hour Film Project. After their parents are away, 3 siblings are visited by an unsuspected member of the council.

Iris: Heart Of Hope (post-production) Production Designer

September 2020 - October 2020

Production Design for an upcoming feature film about a young girl who dreams to become a professional ballerina just like her Grandmother. Set to be released and distributed in cinemas across America in 2021.

Churchill Wit (pre-production) Art Director

July 2020 - October 2020

Production Design for a short, surreal “mockumentary” about the life and times of Winston Churchill using a blend of live action and animation.

Patience (post-production) Art Director

August 2020 - September 2020

Production Design and Set Dress for a short drama set in a psychiatric ward.

All Falls Down (post-production) Art Director

July 2020

Art Direction and Set Dress for a short drama.

Beneath (pre-production) Production Designer

October 2019 - present

Feature film. Marine Salvager Emily Weaver finally finds the wreckage of EastAir 675 after an extensive 5-year search. But what she finds along with the airliner is more shocking and terrifying than anything she ever imagined.

The Last Leg (pre-production) Runner

March 2020

Runner on the Channel 4’s comedy chat show The Last Leg.

Space Race (post-production) Set Designer

February 2020

Design and Construction of an Apollo 11 Lunar Module replica set for a short film.

Head of Production Design Univeristy of the Arts London

January 2020 - January 2020

UAL asked me to come back as a member of staff to mentor and coordinate the second years during their collaborative projects. This included giving lectures on Art Departement roles and responsibilities, as well as coordinating the Production Design of 8 short films.

Shell safety video Production Designer

September 2019

Safety video for Shell employees.

Infosys (post-production) Production Design Assistant

September 2019

Commercial for data company Infosys.

Brown Skin Girl Art Department Assistant

September 2019

Music Video for Swiss’ single “Brown Skin Girl”.

Women in Data Production Designer

September 2019

Commercial for Women In Data, a charity that supports women and young girls within the tech industry.

What Am I? Production Designer

August - September 2019

Music Video for Jordan Mackampa’s single ‘What Am I?’.

FIFA Women's World Cup 2019 Media Operations Volunteer

June - July 2019

Helped run Press Conferences, coordinated Mixed Zone (for TV and written press), coordinated and ran the Media Centre and Media Tribune. Took care of all TV and Press independents.

Flashy Production Design Assistant

May 2019

Music Video for Maleek Berry’s single ‘Flashy’.

Your Nerves Production Design Assistant

April 2019

Music Video for Tara Carosielli’s single ‘Your Nerves’, coming soon.

Revenge Express Production Designer

November 2018 - March 2019

Short Film about a downtrodden woman who takes revenge into her own hands after finding out her partner is cheating. An ambiguous look at adultery and retaliation.

Sam Hain (post-production) Art Department Assistant

March 2019

Short film centred on a young man who can no longer keep his true identity from his fiancé.

Student Mentor Lecturer 

January 2019 - March 2019

Mentored students from the years below during their collaborative projects. Gave lectures on Art Department Roles.

In My Arms Production Design Assistant

February 2019

Music Video for Ferreck Dawn, Robosonic & Nikki Ambers’ single ‘In my Arms’.

Démo Production Designer

January 2019

Music Video for Dj Neptune & Davido’s single ‘Démo’.

12 Short Films Production Design Coordinator

January 2018 - April 2018

Coordinated the Art Departments of 12 short films based in the 1950’s. Including: creating floor plans for all 12 sets, managed and organised transport for all furniture and props from hire companies, construction of the 4-wall set.

Free Sandwiches Gaffer

March 2018

Short Film about grieving family and friends at a young boy’s funeral.

Exposed Gaffer

March 2018

Short Film about a journalist who threaten’s to reveal his boss’ secret.

Someday We'll Be Together Again Runner

June 2017

Short Film about a journalist who threaten’s to reveal his boss’ secret.

Only One Ticket To Paris Runner

March 2017

Short Film about a daughter who is trying to convince her mother to let her follow her dreams.

Junction Dogs Runner

March 2017

Short Film about a grieving son who reveals his dead fathers' secret.

UEFA Euro's 2016 Media Operations Volunteer

May 2016 - July 2016

Assisted press conferences and interviews with Players and Managers. Took care of all media independants, including being in the Media Tribune during matches.