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All falls down

Having hopes and dreams whilst growing up in an unconventional environment can be tough. Young Jodie, a troubled teen lacks love and emotional aid from her parents. Aaron an inspiring actor, like Jodie feels lost and lacks motivation. Together they find a sense of comfort and support. Aaron is finally learning to trust. But in an unexpected turn Jodie is not all she seems.

Production Company: 124 Productions


Executive Producer: Producer: Ashlin Harris

Producers: James Campayne, Ahmed Amare

Writer: Ashlin Harris

Director: James Campayne

DOP: Carl Ward-Reid

Production Designer: Isobel Baker-Smith

1st AD: Ahmed Amare

1as AC: Ross Dixon

Gaffer: Chris Dias

Make-Up: Meagan Edwards

Sound Mixer: Ben Adams


Jodie: Merlene Marie

Aaron: Ashlin Harris

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